C Moore (they/them)

I'm C, a proud trans, genderqueer, disabled person raised and living on Ngunnawal land. I live with multiple chronic health and mental health conditions, and I am neurodivergent. I’m currently a Health Literacy Officer at the Health Care Consumers Association of the ACT and member of the ACT Disability Reference Group and have previously held multiple roles in the ACT community sector, including CEO of Women with Disabilities ACT.

C.Moore facing the camera with a right hand peace gesture. C.Moore is wearing a red singlet.

At age 13, I came out as bisexual and after experiencing bullying I started to speak up about homophobia in schools. This was the beginning of my life as a community advocate.

I studied science at university, focusing on health and disease. As a result of my study, as well as my own health issues, I developed an interest in healthcare rights and disability advocacy. As I came to accept my body’s limitations, I also came to accept my transgender identity, coming out in 2018.

My experience of gender is inextricably tied to my disability, and I think it's important to speak about the intersectional experiences of disabled LGBTIQA+ people. I’m passionate about equitable access to health care and the social factors that influence the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQA+ and disabled people. I enjoy speaking about diversity in leadership and the workplace, person-centred healthcare and how people can get involved in advocating for themselves and their community.