Caed (he/they)

I am a proud trans non-binary, member of the rainbow community. I Love living in the lucky country that is Ngunnawal land with my wife and two cats. I have worked in training, education, and community development for the past decade, and I am passionate about life-long learning as a way to build inter-connected, compassionate and thriving communities. I feel privileged to be able to share my journey to help smooth the path for future generations.

Caed standing next to a grafffiti wall wearing a black t-shirt and a blue suit jacket.

I grew up in a strongly Catholic family in Adelaide in the 1980s, where sexuality was a taboo topic and being queer was a problem to be cured. It took me many years before I was able to admit that my sense of self didn’t align with the way people saw me. Hiding the truest parts of me took a toll; on my health, my wellbeing, my relationships, and even my career. However, I came to realise that who I am has meaning, and I am strong enough to make the most radical act of self-love. I hope that through the Speakers Bureau I can share that journey and that joy, so that future stories from our community are those of love and acceptance.