Kate (she/her)

I am an asexual and a survivor of sexual assault, and my activism sits at the intersection of these two identities. As a survivor of corrective sexual assault, I believe it is important for me to talk out loud about this taboo subject, so that other survivors feel less alone and feel less pressure from the intense stigma of this experience. Stories that make people uncomfortable are the stories that most need to be told in order to create change.

Kate standing next to a graffiti wall, facing the camera and smiling. kate is wearing a black and white long sleeve top.

My advocacy is informed by research into violence and oppression against the asexual community. I also focus on raising awareness and on teaching the general public about asexuality and aromanticism. I’m very interested in changing the conversation about sex, love, relationships and how we define these things.

A collector of useless pretty things, I’m studying to be a museum professional. I’ll also find a way to work my dog into any conversation.