Luka (he, his, him)

I work in the Australian Public Service. I identify as bisexual, and I have two intellectual disabilities (i.e. on the autism-spectrum and dyslexia). I am proactively engaged with the bisexual and disability (including the Neurodiversity) community in Canberra. I also volunteer for various community organisations with the aim to ensure policies, projects, events, and services meet the needs of our communities to achieve inclusivity for everyone. I have various education degrees (in public policy, commerce, risk management, project management and mini-MBA), and back in 2021, I received the Volunteering ACT Inclusion Award in recognition of my volunteering services to the LGBTIQA+ and disability communities.

Luka standing next to a graffiti wall with arms crossed and facing the camera. Luka is wearing a white graphic t-shirt.

I am an experienced public speaker (including being a 2023 Tedx Canberra Open Mic speaker, and I have been part of various LGBTIQA+ and disability panel events in the APS, and achieved Distinguished Toastmaster qualifications), and have undertaken many master of ceremonies roles with the annual Canberra Multicultural Festival and Diversity ACT. I also have a leadership role in Toastmasters International and as part of the Neurodiversity Community of Practice as Deputy Co-chair. I aim to use this public speaking experience and knowledge to ensure the LGBTIQA+ community, especially the bisexual and disability (including neurodiversity) communities, have their unique voice being heard as a message.

My quick background is that I grew up in Sydney and completed my tertiary education in Melbourne and South Korea before I moving to the ACT (back in 2017) to work for the Australian Public Service. I currently work in the Department of Defence. Among my interests are acrylic painting, stand-up comedy, and spending quality time with my partner who I have nicknamed the Quokka!