Our speakers

Our speakers have diverse identities and varied lived experience. The Bureau includes speakers who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual and pansexual; speakers who are trans, gender diverse, non-binary, and a-gender; and speakers who have variations of sex characteristics. Many of our speakers have faced stigma and discrimination and are passionate about promoting a greater understanding of the diversity within our community and addressing stigma and discrimination. As such, our speakers have experiences, knowledge, and insights relating to a range of community and health issues including social inclusion and healthcare equity. 

Our speakers can either speak to their personal experiences or they can tailor their presentations to each request in accordance with their knowledge and experiences.

All speakers attend comprehensive training and professional development, including in the following areas:

  • Frameworks and techniques for public speaking, effective communication, and adult learning.
  • Safe storytelling (provided by Morgan Lee Cataldo)
  • MIEACT’s DoNOHarm Framework©
  • Media coaching, digital multimedia and presentation training.


Note on terminology

While we have provided definitions for some common terminology, this list is not exhaustive, and some people may prefer to use other terms to refer to their gender and sexuality. The above terms, while they capture more diversity than typical understandings of gender and sexuality, do not represent the full range of possibilities that exist when it comes to talking about the individual experiences that people have of gender, sex and sexuality.

Alistair Ott (They/He/Nhila)

I’m a Wiradjuri non-binary, queer, Brotherboy who is passionate about supporting and advocating for LGBTIQA+ communities. I currently work at A Gender Agenda as the membership and events engagement coordinator and in 2021 I completed my honours in queer theory and literature at the University of Canberra. Through AGA I facilitate a range of introductory and advanced inclusivity training for local organisations, schools and businesses. I am also an experienced panellist and have sat on panels for the ACT legislative assembly, ANU, and other organisations. In my spare time I also am a part of the DEiFY collective, a local collective for LGBTIQA+ BIPOC community and work as an artist by commission.

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Caed (he/they)

I am a proud trans non-binary, member of the rainbow community. I Love living in the lucky country that is Ngunnawal land with my wife and two cats. I have worked in training, education, and community development for the past decade, and I am passionate about life-long learning as a way to build inter-connected, compassionate and thriving communities. I feel privileged to be able to share my journey to help smooth the path for future generations.

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C Moore (they/them)

I'm C, a proud trans, genderqueer, disabled person raised and living on Ngunnawal land. I live with multiple chronic health and mental health conditions, and I am neurodivergent. I’m currently a Health Literacy Officer at the Health Care Consumers Association of the ACT and member of the ACT Disability Reference Group and have previously held multiple roles in the ACT community sector, including CEO of Women with Disabilities ACT.

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Cody (they)

I have been a Canberra-based intersex educator and activist for the last eight years and joined Intersex Human Rights Australia (IHRA) as senior projects officer in August. After starting off in grassroots community education, I spent the last four years as intersex project coordinator for A Gender Agenda. I have been involved in policy development, building organisational capacity, running peer support programs, and developing resources and training from a lived experience perspective.

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Gabriel (he, his, him)

I’m a queer, intersex and transgender advocate, educator and young professional working in several roles. I’m employed through SHFPACT as the project officer for the ACT Safe and Inclusive Schools (SAIS) Initiative; I work as a community education and health promotion officer at SHFPACT; and I work with intersex and transgender communities as the intersex project coordinator and peer support worker at AGA.

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James (he/him)

Do you find yourself needing a gender whisperer to help understand why pronouns matter and why bathrooms should be labelled according to the equipment inside? My 30 years’ lived experience working in the Australian Public Service, using everyday language to communicate on behalf of the government of the day, is available to help you..

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John (he, him, his)

I have been working with mature age Australians in the areas of education and employment for over 20 years. I hold a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma of Education from the University of Wollongong, and a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics from the University of Canberra. Following my tertiary education, I started out with program design and delivery, then proceeded to focus on policy development with the Commonwealth Government and, more recently, within the ACT community sector. With extensive experience in aged care training, community development and inclusive practice, I have strived to create social change and improve the outcomes and lived experience of marginalised communities. 

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Kate (she/her)

I am an asexual and a survivor of sexual assault, and my activism sits at the intersection of these two identities. As a survivor of corrective sexual assault, I believe it is important for me to talk out loud about this taboo subject, so that other survivors feel less alone and feel less pressure from the intense stigma of this experience. Stories that make people uncomfortable are the stories that most need to be told in order to create change.

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Luka (he, his, him)

I identify as bisexual, and I have two intellectual disabilities. I am proactively engaged with the bisexual and disability community in Canberra, including as a member of the Service User Reference Group. I also volunteer for community organisations and work alongside the LGBTIQA+ community to ensure services meet the needs of our communities. I have a Master of Public Policy and in 2021, I received the Volunteering ACT Inclusion Award in recognition of my volunteering services to the LGBTIQA+ and disability communities.

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Mimi (she)

Mimi is currently studying a Masters in Nursing and working as a Project Officer for A Gender Agenda. It has been her lived experience as a gay and intersex person that has led her to working in the LGBTIQ+ space, and she is passionate about advancing policy to help better protect the human rights of her community.

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Rebecca (she/her)

I am a Yamatji woman from Carnarvon, Western Australia. I have called Ngunnawal Country home for the past 11 years and have mostly adjusted to our fresh winters and roundabouts!

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Saige (they, he, fae)

Hailing at heart from the tropics of Larrakia country in the Top End, I am a contented queer, non-binary and dynamically disabled person. I have built up experiences as an author, consultant, performer, videographer and, yes, activist because there are some things nobody will ever be content with.

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Sophie (they/she)

I’m a researcher, peer support worker, trans person, and sex worker based on Ngunnawal Country. I work for A Gender Agenda (AGA) and for the Sex Worker Outreach Project (SWOP), providing peer education and support for trans people and sex workers. I’m currently working on my PhD in Anthropology at the Australian National University, which is the first ethnographic study of the trans pornography industry in the world. I’ve written for Transgender Studies Quarterly (TSQ), The Conversation, and About Gender (AG), and my research has been featured in ABC, Forbes, Buzzfeed and Mother Jones.

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