Saige (they, he, fae)

Hailing at heart from the tropics of Larrakia country in the Top End, I am a contented queer, non-binary and dynamically disabled person. I have built up experiences as an author, consultant, performer, videographer and, yes, activist because there are some things nobody will ever be content with.

Saige standing next to a graffiti wall, facing the camera and smiling Saige is wearing a black singlet with colourful text 'Unicorn goals' and brown pants. Saige is holding a walking stick

When I was 15, I joined my first climate crisis rally and then immediately sort sustaining ways to support those around me. I studied peer counselling short courses and pursued a tertiary creative industries degree with a focus on therapies. I am approaching my second decade professionally in a variety of related roles across the community and environment sectors. So am available to speak on a wide range of topics. from the above to intergenerational traumas, addiction recovery, and living through multiple physical and cognitive diagnostic journeys.

Today I am raising my children with my Primary Partner, one middle-aged cat, and too many house plants. We now live on unseeded Ngunnawal land, striving to improve our community while encouraging others to do the same.

In addition to my humour and history, I seek to impart supportive tactics and empower the noesis of questioning.